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Board & Staff


Matt Kakabeeke

Executive Director (8/9/21)

Dave Toth

Operations & Travel Director, House B Director, MAHA Rep & Scheduler

Kyle Bushee

Hockey Director

Logan Thorne

Assistant Hockey Director

Frank Noonan

Recreational Program Director

Mark Baliff

Assistant Recreational Program Director

2024-25 Board of Directors

(elected at the Annual Member Meeting, typically held in April each year)


Meetings take place at 6pm at Wings West Ice arena in the room over the Zamboni pit,  unless otherwise  noted.  

*Annual Board Retreat typically happens in June of each year

Dave Golub (term expires 2026) Re-elected
Chris Buckley (term expires 2026) New Member
David Altergott (term expires 2025
Dianne Shaffer (term expires 2025
Ryan Cunningham (term expires 2025- (Serving Remainder of Mark Baliff's term)
Mike Kletke (term expires 2025
Kristen Maguran (term expires 2026) - New Member
Erin Kozminske (term expires 2025
Ryan Penny (term expires 2025
Joel Martin (term expires 2025
Monica Violante (term expires 2026) New Member
Mitch Moldovan (term expires 2026) Re-elected
Jeremy Von Eitzen (term expires 2026) Re-elected

2024-25 Executive Committee (Officer elections were held on 4/16/24)

President - Mike Kletke
Vice President - Dave Golub
Vice President - David Altergott
Secretary - Kristen Maguran
Treasurer - Dianne Shaffer


KOHA's Board of Directors is elected by the general membership. KOHA has 13 Board Members that each serve a two-year term. The officers serve in those roles (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) for one year at a time, as elected by the board members immediately following the Annual Meeting.

Each year, either six (6) or seven (7) board seats are up for election (expiring terms noted in red above), and the membership gets to cast their ballots to fill the those seats for a two-year term.

The KOHA by-laws define what a "member" is and who can vote. It is not one vote per child, and not every parent or guardian gets a vote. Essentially, each player's (or siblings) family gets ONE vote at the Annual Meeting and members are encouraged to attend in person to cast their ballot.

Anyone can apply to be on the KOHA Board of Directors.  All KOHA members/families (see definition of "member" in KOHA by-laws below) get a vote at the Annual Member Meeting - held in April of each year unless otherwise communicated. (If you had a player or players registered with KOHA during the season, your family is considered a "member" and gets one vote.) We encourage KOHA families ("members") to attend the Annual Member Meeting and vote to elect their Board of Directors.

Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association


The mission of the Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association (K.O.H.A.) is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for youth of all skill levels to learn, develop, and excel in the sport of hockey. We strive to instill a lifelong love of the game and promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership among our players. We pride ourselves on providing age appropriate player development and skill-appropriate coaching.

KOHA exists to offer a premium, affordable opportunity to learn the game of hockey for players in our organization. Through high-quality coaching, training, and competition, we aim to help our athletes reach their full potential on and off the ice. Our ultimate goal is to produce well-rounded, confident, and skilled hockey players who will be successful at all levels of the game

The KOHA Office is located at Wings West Ice Arena

5076 Sports Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49009