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By KOHA Staff, 11/17/17, 12:00PM EST


An award program for 6U and Beginning Hockey

Hockey Services came to KOHA with an award program specifically for our youngest and newest skaters. The idea is to focus not just on the successes on-ice, but to reward attitude and effort that translates into fantastic life lessons.

Who is Sammy Shooter?
Sammy is a youth hockey player who is like your child.  Sammy may not be the best player on the team but tries hard every week and is a team player. Sammy works hard and enjoys playing all sports but hockey is on top of the list!

Where did Sammy Come From
The Sammy Shooter initiative was created by Hockey Services to get all young hockey players more involved in sports and reward them for their efforts.  We recognized the absence of rewarding all players.  Most highly skilled players get hat tricks and play-makers but Sammy focuses on hard work, new skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Sammy Shooter Objective
The Sammy Shooter Award Program is designed to recognize all young youth hockey players for their achievements.  It is not about goals and assists.  It is about milestones in a young hockey career.  For example, tying skates for the first time, helping a teammate do a crossover or just being a good kid.  Hockey Services will work with coaches to help recognize these achievements and award the players.

How Does It Work
Each week a player will be selected by the coach throughout the year and awarded a certificate of achievement.  This award can be brought into Hockey Services at 6958 West Main St, Kalamazoo MI for an additional prize and a gift certificate.  Also, if the parent approves, a picture will be taken and put on Facebook and the Sammy Shooter Webpage.

Parents Role
As a parent we ask that you encourage your child to try hard each and every week.  The goal of this award is to promote healthy behaviors on and off the ice and to encourage your child to display sportsmanship in life.

Coaches Role
This program does not work without the support of the coach.  Each week we encourage coaches to pick a different child for different reasons. No kid is the same and neither is the award.  We want to recognize all children by the end of each season.

Want to Know More?
Feel free to contact Hockey Services at any point with questions on this award.  Call us at 269-375-3313 or stop by our Wings West or West Main location.