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By KOHA Staff, 11/09/17, 11:30AM EST


Hello K-Wings & Broncos Families!
Can you believe it is already November? I wanted to drop a note and let you know about a couple of things.
First, this week's Skills Nights started our third development block - and we will once again be focusing on the most important part of the game - skating. You will see drills that are obviously fundamental skating drills, but you'll also notice there are other drills where the skating focus is "hidden," but no less important to the development of skating skills.
Second, last week was a night off from Skills for our players, but your coaches attended a presentation by Coach Tom Newton and met with the Skills Development Team. While it was a presentation to start, the vast majority of the night was a discussion setting where the Skills Team and coaches engaged in meaningful conversation that assessed what's happened on the ice thus far, and how each can be even better for your players. Hearing the dialogue was awesome, and I am so impressed with the commitment of everyone that was in the room. Below is a recap that includes observations by Coach Newton - I urge you to take a look.
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at
See you around the rink,


KALAMAZOO, MI - Coach Tom Newton gave some feedback about observations he's had over the last several weeks. "I have been around hockey for a long time. I've been around all levels, from youth all the way to the most elite levels, and I think what KOHA is doing is cutting edge because of your Skills Coaching staff. Other clubs are attempting what KOHA is doing, but they simply do not have the quality that Matt has assembled," said Newton. After the coaches meeting on October 30th, Coach Newton continued, "I was so impressed with the passion of the group. The coaches believe in what they're doing, they're willing to talk about tweaks and changes to make it better for the kids. And - this is probably one of the most positive things I witnessed - these coaches are willing to learn from other coaches; the buy-in is absolutely amazing."
16U Lady K-Wings Head Coach, Josh Roseboom, had this to say, "I am extremely happy with the direction this season. Adding people that have just recently played - or are still playing - at a high level to our current skills team has been positive and the players seem to be responding well. Having Tom Newton is beneficial for the players and a great resource for coaches."
10U House B Bronco Head Coach, Carl Fried said, "KOHA has done an excellent job of bringing in professional players and coaches to share information and collaborate with existing coaches to ensure that the kids are getting a well rounded hockey experience. The practice planning has been terrific - great variety and a return to the 'fun' element that kids are loving!"
While recapping the evening together, the thing that both Matt and Coach Newton were absolutely impressed by, was the communication between Skills Coaches and Team Coaches on how to motivate players on an individual basis. They had conversations about how best to motivate your child - specifically - and what individual needs, teaching methods, etc. would help your player develop. Did you hear that? KOHA's Skills Team is so committed to our players and engaged in the process that they want to know how they can be their best for your child. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated role models on the ice with our players.
Here is Coach Newton's overall observation: "The biggest thing parents should be taking away from what's happening on the ice is this: your kids are having fun. I see it, the coaches see it, and I hope you, the parents, are seeing it. They're developing in the best environment possible and they're having fun doing it. They're kids - this is their game, let them have it and let them continue to have fun. They're in great hands with Matt and the entire staff of coaches."