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By KOHA Staff, 12/15/20, 2:15PM EST


KOHA team pictures for Travel and house B are scheduled  Monday December 21st at Wings West.

We will have 2 teams arriving at the same time and your team picture schedule is on the schedules page on the KOHA website (it is also available below).

Here are the important details for the pictures:

All players must come completely dressed. The locker rooms will NOT be available. Goalies should come with as much on as possible they will be able to throw on leg pads off to the side in the lobby. Players will need gloves and stick, NO helmets or skates

Coaches need to inform the players what color game jersey they need to wear. We do not have extra jerseys for players that forget them or have the wrong ones.

Face Masks are mandatory in the building. Players will remove them as they are getting their picture and then must put them back on when photos are completed.

All pictures will be in front of a green screen not on the ice. The players will get a head shot and a standing posed picture taken. Team pictures will not be taken this year, the photographer will make a team composite using the head shots taken for the yearbook.

COACHES/MANAGERS: MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM IS ON TIME AND UNDER CONTROL. We have a limited time to get all the teams in and we cannot wait for players to get ready on arrival of show up late. Coaches must be in control of your players and assist in getting the team organized and through the pictures. It cannot be a  free for all so players must be lined up and social distancing when in the building. There are no make-up times for players to get pictures taken later. We are short on time to get them to the printer as it is. Coaches should consider wearing the same color as last year so if we need to use a player picture form last year they will have the same jersey color

ONLY PLAYERS, COACHES AND THE TEAM MANAGER ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING FOR THE PICTURES.  Parents must wait in their vehicles as we are only allotting 20 minutes for each team.

The photo packet information is also available below, and there will be some available during the skills skates scheduled for the week of Dec14th – Dec 21st.

Please make sure your player has the packet and a check with them when they arrive for the pictures.

We need everyone’s help to get the teams through the process as efficiently as possible.

YOU MUST BE ON TIME for the pictures and to have players fully dressed upon arrival so we don’t have to wait for people. Managers and Coaches need to get their pictures taken as well so please be prepared for this so we get everyone in the book.