Have you ever wondered about, or considered becoming a host ("billet") family for a hockey player?

KOHA's AAA affiliate, the West Michigan Hounds program, is currently looking for billet families for the coming season. The billeting concept is considered by many as a hockey tradition. It involves host families opening their homes and families to out of area players, and provides an opportunity for these young men to pursue the next step in their developing hockey careers. These talented players, who show potential to play at an elite level, seek the opportunity to play for an organization that can help them achieve their goals.

What is expected of the host family? 

The player needs a room of his own, or can share with a team member if a family is hosting more than one player. He needs a bed, dresser, closet
space and a desk or table and chair (similar to what is provided in a college dorm room). While the players are expected to provide such items as bed
 and bath linens, personal care items, electronics, each housing situation has its own unique set of circumstances (some might need help with
transportation, others might not). The family also provides three meals a day: breakfast, a bag lunch and an evening meal. When the players travel,
they will take care of their own food expenses.

What is expected of the players? 

They must obey all team and house rules and show respect and consideration toward all family members. They will need to take care of their own
belongings but are also expected to pitch in to share duties as a member of the household. Players will be monitored by the coaching staff and host
families will have open dialogues with the coaches to address any concerns.

How long is the host family’s commitment? 

This varies depending on the player. Some are with the family during the hockey season only. Others need to complete the school year. Players travel
an average of two times per month. All go home over holiday breaks.

Families receive a monthly billeting payment from each player. 

Some families opt to house more than one player as they are able to carpool to practice, travel together and are
company for each other.

These players, at this level of hockey, are disciplined and hardworking individuals. They would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue their
development, albeit sometimes at a great distance from their homes. All that’s needed from you is a willingness to help a player pursue his dream.
Thank you for your consideration in sharing your home and family.

Want to discuss the possibility of serving as a host family? 

Please call:  Tom Berry     269 207 2544       
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